Monday, February 1, 2010

I'm not quite sure what to put in this first post, as I'm not that good at introductions. So we'll just skip that about me part (maybe that will come about later) and get to why this blog has come about.

As a 2010 New Year's Resolution, I decided that I was going to read a pile of banned and challenged books. Just because I wanted to. Yeah, well, there turned out to be more banned and challenged books than I thought there were. So I researched and decided to read the books that were listed on the ALA Banned and Challenged Classics. Scrolling through the list, some of the books on there, I've never read and I probably should have. After researching more, I added some and now have a list of 100+ books. I'll post the list in the next couple of days.

Why am I doing this? I'm doing this because it was (is) my New Year's Resolution. There are books that I've never read and I feel I should read. I am doing this just because.

So in general: as my New Year's Resolution, I have exactly 365 days (well, a little less than that now but we'll sort that later) to get through this list of 100+ Banned and Challenged Books.

- Mad Flippess

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  1. If you would like to include a goal within a goal, would you like to take the Pelham Public Library's Banned Book Challenge? Our dates will be from February until June 30. Details can be found here: I look forward to reading about your reading.